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Untitled Project 2-
Hassel free
Untitled Project 2-
Truely agile!
Relax on the go.
Folds to a camping seat


Unidentified Planet Xploration Object – The ultimate Foldable Electric Vehicle to explore the world differently.

Ride It - Fold It - Roll It

Upxo folds to a compact portable trolley which weighs about 13 KG,  Less then a bucket of water, This feature makes way to new possibility and regimes of transportation.  Now, Ride with it or on it. Truly Agile!

Don't lift, Roll it around like a trolley

UPXO turns to a trolley, move around the world with your vehicle with you.

Sit & Relax on the go

On folding Upxo turns to a camping seat, Relax your limbs & body wherever whenever.

80% Reduced Parking Footprint

Life is a adventure & Upxo folds to small pack, that can be parked under the bed or tossed in a car trunk.

Awesome Promo Video

Why UPXO ?

70% of the passenger trips travelled are within 8 KM span in urban settings, like from metro station [any public transport] to office, colledge hostel to lecture room, evening tuitions of teenagers, movement in plants like cement plants etc.. They all need a vehicle that is foldable & portable, light in weight, easy to learn, good for environment, requires minimum parking footprint,.

Upxo solves the purpose in a very intuitive way the foldable feature and electric drive makes it possible at right price. The riding posture embraces riding confidence and freedom to ride.

Powerful Features

Upxo is equipped with powerful feature to make your journey better without compromising portability. Additional battery can be attached to increase the range.

Riding Range

30 KM + Extendable


25 KMPH " No License "

Cerb Weight + Loading Capacity

13 KG + 110 KG

Detachable Lithium ion Battery

36V 8AH [1.5 KG]

Fast charging

2.3 Hours & Full charge

Warranty on Battery & Motor

1 Year with paid onsite service

Petrol Automatic Vehicle

Upfront Investment -80,000 Rs.
₹ 80,000
Running Cost per Kilometer – 1.8 Rs.
₹ 23,450

So, after 13,000 KM.


Upfront Investment – 25,000 Rs.
₹ 25,000
Running Cost per Kilometer – 0.04 Rs [4 Paisa].
₹ 520

So, after 13,000 KM.

Upxo Product line

Avail the benefits of Introductory Offer Straight 32% discount. 35,000 is now 24,999 Only!

Upxo - Chenoian moke

Furturstic electric tecnology to make
the word a better place

Cash on delivery

1,100 Rs Easy EMI

1 Year Warranty with paid onsite service

24,999 Rs 32% Off Introductory Offer